The Dogs

Sir Duncan Martin of Blin was a proper Chocolate Labradore Retriever of English lineage. Duncan was a gentle friend who loved to play fetch, swim, and just spend time with his family. He was always calm, yet protective of children and other family dogs. Duncan was a good dog and a great friend. He sired two litters of Labradors in his lifetime.

Lady Abigale June was a Chocolate Labradore Retriever of American lineage. Energetic and playful, Abby was Duncan's mate for eight years and Dam of ten puppies. She brought excitement to family trips.

Tobison was a Yellow Labradore Retriever born to Duncan and Abby. True to his parent's, Toby was calm with family and other animals, yet was very energetic and active in his younger years. Toby leaned a bit more toward his Sire's demeanor as he watched over the next generation in his later years. Toby was a good boy.

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